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Offering micro-catering for parties of fewer than 50 people, Orchid Caterers is well-known in Chandigarh for its impeccable food and innovative displays. Whether your menu consists of easy-to-eat snacks or a more filling meal, there are a number of options on the menu here. You can choose from Indian, Thai, Italian, Middle Eastern fare, and a lot more. Based on your preference, we match your theme and create a private menu, keeping in mind the presentation of the food chosen by you.

For those seeking to serve up a menu that encompasses various cuisines and concepts—from kebabs to salads in a jar—Orchid Caterers is a one-stop option in Chandigarh, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru. Whether you’re looking for a snack-filled high tea or a filling meal, the chefs who can cater to parties ranging from five to 50 guests, will ensure that everyone leaves happy. With interactive food stations that offer guests the chance to sample the freshly-made fare and the freshest ingredients. Offering micro-catering (easy-to-eat snacks or a more filling meal) for parties of fewer than 50 people, we are known for our impeccable food and innovative displays.

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